The kitchen must have looked really great when the walls were still the dark brown panelling.
 Fritz: "Are you sure you disconnected the power to the range?"

 Notice that there are a total of three outlets along the countertop. (Including none on the wall with the range.)

 The hole where the old 3'x3' window used to be...
 ...and the glorious new 5'x4' garden window.
 Lights new and old.
 Here I am in the ceiling trying to pull wires for the lights in the previous photo. Thirty seconds after this picture was taken I disturbed a nest of biting ants. While I was frantically trying to get them off me, I knocked over the work light and it broke.
 Here's the new dining room light.
 The lights and window are in and the drywall is up. Now it's a simple matter of installing everything else.
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